device warms water up to 35-65 C
solar contribution throught  the year 1500-2000 kWh (in Croatia)
volume of accumulation tank is 210 l (inox)
height of the device 175 cm
weight of the device filled with water 370 kg (empty 160kg)
link to water mains 1/2 in 


inox steels - polycarbonates - termoaccumulational materials - solar lacquer

Desine represents novelity in its shape and concept. It is a termodynamic device with a honeycomb shaped light-permeable insulation  with a vertical cylinder tank serving as an absorber and an accumulator. The device is connected to the water mains and set on a flat surface. innovation is protected with industrial design D20070151, national patent registration P20070190A and supported by logo-figurative brand Z20070829A.


solar water-heater has a compact solid form that takes a little space. It is reliable, effective and cheap to install. Vertical absorbing sides of the device make better disposition of direct radiation from the Sun through the day and year.
It is resistant to salty atmasphere and contains no toxic materials. It offers free choice of installation spot - terrace, yard, balcony, wall.